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Jewelry is one of the most luxurious gifts we use to mark special occasions and events in our lives. It is an expression of what our loved ones mean to us. During special days of our lives, we celebrate with popular jewelry gifts, and diamonds are a crowd’s favorite.

Loose Diamond Buying Guide

Buying a loose diamond for you or your special one? Buying a loose diamond is not the same as buying a present diamond. Usually, purchasing loose diamonds are intended for bigger carat weights, such as a minimum of one-carat diamond or larger.

Good thing-certified loose diamonds can be purchased online, saving buyers from thousand over retail store prices. Aside from rock-bottom prices, another perk of buying loose diamonds online is thevast selection. While retail stores may only have a handful of loose diamonds to choose from, Diamondized Collections offer thousands of choices in our online search, allowing customers to find the specs they exactly need within their budget.

Here’s what to keep in mind when buying loose diamonds:

Look for diamond stones that have been certified by trusted laboratories such as AGS, GIA, IGI, HRD, and IGL.

Know the reputation of the online retailer. Pick an online jewelry that has been in the industry for many years.

Consider time factor.  Some jewelers don’t carry a huge selection of loose diamonds. Keep in mind that the pieces must be ordered for customers to look at. Hence, don’t wait until the last minute.

Know that the bigger is not always the better. Learn how to strike a balance between size and quality.

Certified Loose Diamonds

At Diamonized, our high-quality loose diamonds are subject to a strict certification process by a gemological lab such as the GIA and IGI. The lab assesses every stone in order to make sure that it’s a natural diamond and if it has been enhanced in any possible way. The loose diamond evaluation includes the grading and analysis of basic characteristics such as the clarity, carat weight, cut, color, shape, proportions, polish, and symmetry. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a loose diamond that has been subject to certification process is that you can be confident with the quality of the stone.

Universally Preferred Loose Diamond Shapes

The beauty of a diamond lies in its color, clarity, and the finely crafted facets. Depending on personal preference and personality, diverse shapes of loose diamonds are universally preferred both by men and women. GIA-certified loose diamonds come in square shapes such as the emerald cut, radiant cut, asschercut, and princess cut. Additional fancy shapes include the heart shape, pear shape, etc. You may also have the cushion cut and classic round diamond shape with timeless fire and allure. Get your favorite loose diamonds shape at a great price from Diamonized Collections and save big!

The Diamondized Collections Difference

Almost any loose diamond looks stunning under the spotlight of a jewelry store. However, few have the distinctive mix of precise shape, angles and cut to maximize their brilliance in a more natural lighting setting. Aside from the basic 4 C’s (color, clarity, cut/shape, carat), Diamondized Collections use the reflective quality and symmetry of a diamond’s cut to enhance the performance of a diamond under any lighting condition.

When you shop for conflict-free loose diamonds or other custom jewelry Los Angeles at Diamondized Collections, you can sort our online directory by what really matters to you: size, price, shape, and quality.  Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned loose diamond buyer with the exact specifications in mind, you’ll surely get the right diamond here.

Crafting A Diamondized Loose Diamond

From your favorite round-cut diamonds to more sophisticate vintage oval shapes and princess cuts, our online directory holds many of the best loose diamonds on the market. Our diamond cutters bring many years of experience and education to the table, not to mention their deep passion for bringing out the brilliance of every rare gem. Our jewelers have been entrusted with some of the most luxurious and popular diamond and their attention to every detail speak out loud in every diamond they craft.

If you would like to inquire about specific loose diamonds you find on our site then please call us at (888) 595-8898 or fill out our form on the specific diamond of your choice and we will get back to you shortly.

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