Watch repair Los Angeles

Watch repair is a very demanding process: a luxury watch should be delivered only into the hands of a skillful expert. Regardless of a watch brand, whether you have Gucci, Hamilton, Longines, Movado, Omega or other, sometimes it needs replacement of damaged parts or their restoration. You can find high-quality watch repair in Los Angeles and entrust your accessory to a specialist. Our watch repair technician has over 20 years of experience from basic movement watches to the most complex. 

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Los Angeles watch repair services are represented by dismantling, parts cleaning, water resistance restoration, mechanism oiling, replacement of push buttons and batteries, etc. But these issues aren’t the only ones. Many luxuries watch owners want to improve the outer appearance of an accessory. In this case, we provide services different from watch repair. Los Angeles is full of conditions that can significantly spoil a watch appearance and turn it from eye-catching to shabby. Usually, it is the result of dust air pollution, house dust, skin rubbing, etc. Even if it is a Rolex watch, sooner or later it will require renovation.

Speaking about watch repair, downtown Los Angeles is the place where you can find the best solutions for this procedure. People often need these solutions because they lose part of a watch. For example, it can be a push button, a precious stone or any other mechanism detail or outer part. It goes without saying that it is of high importance to replace a detail with utter accuracy and precision. We have the team of experts who are ready to help with these issues! Our specialists replace any part of your watch within a short period of time but with the best quality. Due to their great experience, repairers can easily install new but original pieces into your watch. It can be a precious stone, a button, a crown, etc.

For instance, if to consider Rolex watch repair, Los Angeles is the city where there are many people with almost similar problems. These owners are usually afraid that new details will differ from previous ones. No worries here! We provide exclusive replacement services and it means that you get only original brand components, aesthetically attractive for your accessory. The same thing happens with water-resistant or non water resistant models. They may also require repair because of contact with liquids, especially, it refers to non water resistant watches.

There are watches that can be submerged into water (rated 100M-200M). In this case, submersion into water is allowed to some extent. But many people buy models that don’t have water resistance and even showering or hands washing can damage them. When it happens, owners need special services that allow to restore an accessory functioning. In addition to these services, we also offer fast battery exchange services, special cleaning of a bracelet and a case, precious metal parts renovation, technical inspection, etc.

Not all people prefer quartz watches, many of them still like to wear mechanical watches and consider them more stylish and convenient. The thing is that mechanical watches are often influenced by gravity and other factors. Our experts use special tools that allow to quickly and efficiently adjust a watch for accurate timekeeping. They test all functions and analyze a watch overall performance. We provide full range of watch repair and renovation services for over 100 brands. Our experts guarantee installation of brand-authentic parts into all models and ensure high accuracy level of operations.


  • Complete Maintenance Service: Dismantling, cleaning, assembly, oiling of the watch movement.
  • Partial Maintenance Service: Replacement of Crown, Push-Buttons, Gaskets, and Battery (if applicable)*Special Mineral or Sapphire Crystals and precious-metal parts invoiced separately.