Breguet Watches

History of Breguet Watches.

Breguet Watches was founded in the year 1775, with Abraham-Louis Breguet setting it up on Quai de l’Horloge, Ile de la Cite in Paris. Five years later, there was a breakthrough in the watch industry with the introduction of the first self-winding watches. They were popularly referred to as “perpetuelles”. In 1783 the “Breguet hands” and the Breguet’s Arabic numerals were designed.

The ratchet key was developed three years later and was referred to as the “Breguet key”. On 17th September 1823, A.-L. Breguet died at the age of 76 years.

The year 1838 was monumental for Breguet Watches as Queen Victoria of England bought a Breguet watch. This was just a year after coming into the throne.

What makes Breguet so unique and the watches so expensive?

Over the years, there have been unmistakable signs associated with the Breguet watches. These include the lugs, the single number, the Breguet numerals, the secret signature, the baseband fluting, the Breguet hands and engine-turned dials.

Looking into each of them in turn, we take a deep dive into what makes Breguet tick.

• Engine-turned dials.

One of the most unmistakable aspects of a Breguet watch is the motifs that are engine-turned and crafted by hand. The pattern fineness is unique to the brand’s famous dials and can almost be recognized immediately.

• Breguet hands.

For over two hundred years, the Breguet watches have included the void and unconventional ‘moon tip’ hands that were very synonymous with the founder, A.-L Breguet. The ease to which they can be read is what identifies them with most Breguet timepieces.

• Caleb and fluting.

The Breguet style encompasses details that are decorative on the case bands. These flutings have over the years become more and more identified with the style and are more common with modern wristwatches. This makes it unique and different from other watches.

• The secret signature.

To protect its brand from being preyed upon by fakes, Breguet thought up a countermeasure that allowed it to be included in every dial. The secret signature is, however, only visible in the light that is oblique. It is a feature that differentiates the brand’s dials even nowadays.

• Breguet numerals.

In some of the watches that were designed by A.-L Breguet, there are very distinguishing numerals. This is a testament to the fact that he loved putting elegance and fashion together.

• A single number.

There has been the general consensus from watch lovers that each Breguet watch has an atypical standard that needs to be preserved for future generations.

Breguet watches have been assigned manufacturing numbers hitherto and this has been used to authenticate the watches.

• Lugs.

The case bear and the strap are inter-linked by the lugs. This is also a hallmark of authentic Breguet style. In the place of sprung bars, there are screw pins that hold the straps between the horns. The case is watertight and that is why there is the insistence of precision that is absolute.

Breguet Collections

Breguet tradition.

This particular collection pays homage to Breguet history. The Tradition timepieces are a blend of both the brand’s past and a look into the future.

Breguet Marine

The collection is based on the conventional Breguet values but whose interpretation is based on the unconventional ways to manufacture timepieces that are sporty.

Breguet Classique.

Precision, clarity and elegance. These three values represent the collection that is Classique watches.

Breguet Queen of Naples

An early bracelet watch was manufactured for Caroline, Bonaparte’s sister inspires this collection. She was the Queen of Naples. Breguet stays ahead of its competitors in the contemporary jewellery space by being a symbol of feminine refinement.

• Breguet Type XX/XXI/XXII

The Type XX was first created in 1950 for the army of the French naval air. The re-design was based with civilians in the picture as it makes comeback to the Breguet collection.

Breguet Heritage

The Breguet watch conventionally has round cases. The heritage collection is the unconventional type. Even though the models are dissimilar, a Breguet is still a Breguet.

• High Jewelry.

The contemporary woman is celebrated with this collection. This plays a tribute to her elegance and sensibility.


Breguet watches prices range from about $6,000 to $250,000 per one piece.