Breitling Watches

The luxurious watch brand from Grenchen, Switzerland is famously known for its precision-made chronometers. Leon Breitling founded this company in 1884 and since then it is valued for its fabulous range of chronometers, i.e., watches.

Breitling watches have certain significant features like bracelets, polished cases and large watch faces designed specifically for improved readability under various strenuous conditions. The original target customer base of the company was highly skilled professionals and experts but they soon became a global phenomenon due to the great quality and visual appeal exuded by their watches. As of today, the company has a loyal band of customers who are always eager to continue their patronage of this leading brand and this has resulted in Breitling becoming a beacon in the area of super elite chronometers.

The Breitling Navitimer Collection

In 1940 Breitling added a circular slide to the bezel in the famous chronograph models. This trick was specially designed for ease of use by the aircraft pilots.

Since the watches are also available for use by ordinary citizens as well, the Navitimer collection has made them feel a style and class that ignites passion. The ranges and variety of Navitimer collection will leave you with an urge of desire to keep it wrapped around your wrist forever. The round shape that gives the perfect dimension along with the case thickness and that well-crafted material of stainless steel is a work of art. The watches are perfectly held on by a leather strap that is just enough to enhance your look. This wonderful range of classic Breitling watches with water-resistant power is flawless in every way. The Navitimer is its own benchmark.

Navitimer World

The Navitimer World from the Breitling brand is a gem to own for all those classy men who choose to explore time with passion and adventure.

Classification: The Silver Grey dial with a drop of a sapphire is as elegant as it can be. The round shape of this model tells its own story along with the great material that feels real to the skin. The strap is made of high-quality leather.

Price: This chronographic Breitling Navitimer costs about $7,000 with power reserve quality.

Breitling Chronomat

Breitling Chronomat features the most unique kind of style ready to have you indulge in sheer luxury. Famous for its detailed structure and classic look, this watch is perfect to compliment your business look. Breitling Chornomat is one of the most popular collections by the Breitling brand. The Breitling Chronomat prices encompass a wide range.

The Chronomat 44

This is the leading model among those in the Breitling Chronomat collection.

Classification: The sturdy case and the water resistance ability of this watch along with the classic appearance make it more alluring. This powerful and enigmatic model features a depth capability of 500m with a gold bezel and a broad selection of dials both on straps and bracelets.

Price: This Chonomat 44 with the tone of Golden Sun costs about $14,000.

Chronomat 41

The range of Chonomat 41 is unique with its individuality featuring a detailed work of craft. The various colors and the style will get you to hold it in your hands for at once for a closer look.

Classifications: The scratch resistant feature is what makes this collection more appealing to the customers. The round shaped style is 15.40 mm depth. This luxurious watch is worth wearing for its great chronograph function. Water resistant and automatic movement with a 70-hour power reserve, this watch swears on its quality and durability.

Price: The Chronomat 41 price is about $20,000.

Breitling Superocean

The Superocean line of watches made by Breitling was launched in 1957 with the initial aim of equipping professional and military divers in doing their job better. It has a range of special functions available on the dial apart from the obvious added ability of extra water resistance of being able to withstand great dive depth and pressure. It however soon gripped the public imagination and started getting lapped up by non-professionals and non-military watch aficionados.

Classifications: Breitling Superocean chronographs are available in white, blue and black dial colors in four categories – for men, women, diving and black steel. The various size options are from 36 mm to 45 mm dial diameters range. This line is completely made of steel casing only. The price of this segment can go in excess of 5,000 dollars.

Breitling Superocean Prices: The Super Ocean II 36 is about $4,000. The SuperOcean 44 Special is available for about $5,500.