Aerospace Evo Watches

Breitling has been producing some of the worlds greatest watches for over a century. In 1985 they introduced their Aerospace line. The Aerospace was introduced as a watch for pilots.

The Aerospace EVO combines the best features in all the Aerospace Watches. A close look at this watch will reveal all you need to know about a Breitling Aerospace watch.

Aerospace EVO features.

Lightness and Comfort.

The Aerospace weighs only 3.5oz. This is because of its ultra-light 11 mm thick titanium case. Titanium is used since it is both light and tough. Light watches are usually more comfort The strap is also made from titanium. It is durable and it feels comfortable on your hand.


This is where the Aerospace really comes alive. It has the following features:

Chronograph: This presents you with a handy stopwatch whenever you need it.

Second Time Zone: The watch can display both the local time and the GMT time.

Alarm and Timer: The alarm and the timer can come in handy in your outdoor activities.

Date and Day: The watch displays both the date and the day via a perpetual calendar.

Night Vision Light: This ensures that you can use the watch even in pitch-black conditions.


Breitling Aerospace watches have sometimes been referred to as a luxury line of watches. This is because of the high-quality standards of these watches. The case and the strap are mad


Breitling Aerospace is a great watch for absolutely anyone. It is built with explorers and adventurers in mind but it can also work as an everyday watch.

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