Avenger Blackbird Watches

Did you know? Wrist watches gained popularity during the first world war. This is because it was easier to look a watches attached to the hand easily. This subsequently lead to the killing of the by then common pocket watches during World War II.

The role watches play in fashion today cannot be underestimated. This is due to the fact that watches are among the few clothing attires that can have special elements such as Gold and Diamonds incorporated into them. As a result, they are a big pointer to our fashion sense, class and elegance.

Breitling Blackbird Watches.

The Breitling Blackbird Watches are a unique model of luxury watches that brings out the style in you. It was originally designed as a pilot watch. Its name comes from a legendary reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed SR-71 that was named ' Blackbird'. It however gained fans who are watch enthusiasts.

Breitling has caught the attention of many of its fans who highly value their watches. The outstanding technology inculcated in these watches ensure that they remain competitive in the ever-growing and competitive industry.

Some of the unique features of these watches are:

Material finishes.

The Breitling Blackbird Watches comes in different material and finishes, all of which are radiant and exquisite. Take an example of the Breitling avenger blackbird that has a perfect blend of black titanium casing. The fine blend of stainless steel also gives these watches the fine and smooth texture as well as the glossy appearance it displays.

In addition to that, its technical modern design has a flair of its own in the ever advancing Chronomat series. Its chronograph functions are without doubt

optimally achieved. The resultant effect is that it is accurate as well as bold in display.


Most of the blackbird series of watches are availed in the color black. This is alternated with the stainless steel silver color in some watches.


The designs of the blackbird series of watches will leave you in awe. The straps comes in different colors based on your taste and preference. Moreover, they are of different materials some of which include stainless steel, leather and rubber all of high quality.


It is a well known fact that Titanium is the hardest metal on earth due to its high tensile strength. The fact that the blackbird series of watches are made of Titanium makes its robustness speak for itself. Its ability to withstand shocks and drops makes it a solid watch.

The Breitling avenger blackbird are a unique design of watch brand that has achieved popularity among watch lovers. Their practical functionality as well as

fabulous designs makes it complete. What more could you ask for? 

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