Avenger Hurricane Watches

Breitling has been in the watch industry for a long time. Over the years, they have made watches of varying sizes. There have been big watches, medium-sized watches and some small watches as well.  

Over the past few years, demand for big masculine watches has risen. Breitling has responded with the Breitling Avenger Hurricane Watch. This watch has a 50 mm case. The main issue with a big watch is that it tends to be heavy and thus uncomfortable. However, the Breitling Avenger Hurricane is neither heavy nor uncomfortable.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane Features.


Breitling has dealt with the issue of comfort by introducing a “Breitlight” case. The case material on this watch is made using a carbon polymer. This carbon polymer has some advantages which include:

It is lighter than titanium and steel

It is tough.It is resistant to temperature and magnetism.

It is shock absorbent.


If you love black watches then you are in luck. This limited edition watch is styled in black mainly due to the color of the carbon polymer. This style deviates from the common steel and titanium cases that we are used to. This watch has a unique feel that you will definitely feel when you wear it.     


This aviation-inspired watch uses a caliber b12 movement. It is chronometer-certified as it shows time in 24-hour format with a 12-hour chronograph.

Some Breitling watches also come with Arabic numerals. The watch also comes with an extended power reserve. This keeps your watch ticking for a long period of time.


The carbon polymer used to make this watch is tough and will withstand a lot of rough treatment. The watch is also water resistant up to about 100 meters of water.

The Breitling Avenger Hurricane watch is one of Breitling’s luxury watches. However, Breitling has managed to combine luxury with functionality. This makes it one of the best multipurpose watches available. Check below for the best Breitling Avenger Hurricane price. 

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