Chronomat 38 Watches

Breitling Chronomat 38 Watches

Breitling SA is a Switzerland based luxury watchmaker, especially famous for the carefully designed Chronometers.

Breitling Chronomat

The Chronomat model was first presented in 1942. The name came from a combination of “Chronograph” and “Mathematics”. This tells us that these watches are extremely precisely made with the best quality. There are manual winding and a slide rule in this range of watches.

It is a part of the Windrider collection by Breitling, and out of all the other ranges of watches Breitling has to offer, this one has the most number of Bracelet, Case material, Dial, and color variations.


Chronograph Feature 

Since the range is called the Chronomat 38, it has to have the functions of a Chronograph. Thus, this watch can also be used as a stopwatch for which, there is an independent second hand. It can be reset, started or stopped by applying different pressures to the stem.

Water Resistance

This has to be put as the first feature of the Chronomat 38 series because of the extremely high water resistance it has to offer.

This watch has an astounding water resistance of 10 ATM (100 Metres). Although, this doesn’t mean taking it 100 meters below water would be safe, as moving water exerts much more pressure than still water.


There are many variations in colors of the dial in various Chronomat 38 watches. The hands and hour markers are all luminescent in nature making it the right choice of watch even in dark places or at night.

Date Feature

All of the watches in this range have the date displayed near the 3-hour mark. This watch brings together time and date together in one place.


The movement in the watch has been set to automatic. It has a self-winding movement.


• Chronomat 38 Regular

• Chronomat 38 SleekT

Both the models come in both, male and female styles.

Price Range

The Chronomat 38’s price range is relatively less expensive when compared to other luxury watches in the market. The price ranges from nearly $2,700 to $7,000.

That makes this range of watches an economical luxury-watch.


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