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Breitling Emergency Watches.

Breitling has already established itself as a major player in the watch industry. Breitling watches have for a long time had a connection with the military. In around the mid-1900’s, Breitling was already manufacturing military-grade watches for the Royal Air Force and the US Army. In 1995, the company’s new owner, Ernest Schneider, developed the first Breitling Emergency watch. It was the first of its kind as it featured an internal locator beacon. This made it the perfect watch for explorers and risk takers.

Breitling Emergency II.

The original Breitling Emergency was already working wonders when it came to search and rescue. People with the watch were more easily found when they encountered emergencies. However, in 2009 there was a rise in false alarms. Even though the false alarms did not affect Breitling, they still decided to improve their technology. This led to the development of the Breitling II in 2013.     

Features of Breitling Emergency II.     

Light and Hardcore Material.     

Breitling ii is a big watch measuring 51 mm. However, due to its titanium case, it is very light on the wrist. The titanium case also ensures that it can endure the toughest conditions.     


This is where the Breitling ii really comes alive. It is the first watch in the world to feature a dual frequency transmitter. They two transmitters transmit at 121.5 MHz frequency and 406 MHz frequency. This dual transmission system utilizes the Cospas-Sarsat system of search and rescue. This system utilizes the two frequencies incorporated in the watch to provide more accurate locations. The 406 MHz signal is a digital signal meant for satellites and it is transmitted by the watch every 50 seconds. The 121.5 MHz signal is an analog signal meant for rescue frequencies transmitted by the watch every 2.25 seconds.

Breitling emergency also features a rechargeable battery to power this reliable emergency beacon. For added functionality, it features an analog and a digital display. It also features Breitling’s unique chronometer movement which is offers greater accuracy.

Breitling Emergency II is a great watch especially if you love exploring. It could save your life sometime.   Visit us for authentic Breitling emergency watches. We have the most competitive emergency watch prices.

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