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Breitling Super Avenger Watch Collection

Breitling Super Avenger Watch Collection - An intersection of performance, aesthetics, and durability.

The Breitling Super Avenger Watch Collection is the ultimate expression chronograph excellence. Featuring the infamous Breitling craftsmanship and ingenuity loved by pilots, race car drivers, and mariners alike, the Breitling Super Avengers Watch Collection raises the standard through powerful eye-catching aesthetics and high-performance mechanics - striking the perfect balance between expert functionality and beautiful design.

Equipped with aviation standard chronometers, the Breitling Super Avengers Watch Collection offers unparalleled access to precise and accurate timekeeping abilities. Constructed from the finest materials, the watches from Super Avengers collection are not only stylish but are durable and robust. Often revered as the “Pilot's Choice”, a Breitling watch is well-known as one of the most reliable chronograph watches to date. Whether you are a collector, lawyer, business executive or just subscribe to a luxurious lifestyle, the Breitling watch is the perfect expression of true masculine energy and are the perfect accessory for the gentlemen that commands attention.

Feature & Specifications:

The Breitling Super Avengers collection features a selection of up to 17 automatic self-winding, chronograph wristwatches. The entire collection is available in the classic steel bracelet finish or gorgeous satin-steel bracelet finish.

The collection boasts a round body, with a casing that measures 48.6 millimeters in diameter and 18.6 millimeters in thickness. This beautiful stainless steel collection also features a sapphire crystal dial window which - in combination with the expertly crafted stainless steel casing - makes for an ultra-durable Breitling watch. The watches in the Super Avenger collection are anti-reflective and are scratch resistant, all due to the sapphire crystal dial window. In addition to this, these works of chronograph art are water resistant - reaching an impressive depth of 990 feet.

The Breitling Super Avengers Collection is available in its typical colorways, namely the blue dial variety - as seen on models like the Breitling Super Avenger II model - and the black dial variety, which is commonly seen on most of the models in this collection.

Being a high-performing, luxurious work of fine Swiss-Craftsmanship, choosing to own a Breitling watch is an investment. The Breitling Super Avenger price range starts at $ 3,890 and can cost up to $ 8,000. 

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