Cartier Libre Watches

Cartier has been able to provide us with a myriad of watches over the years that exude both elegance and a fascinating sense of style. Since the creation of the Santos de Cartier collection, they have still remained relentless in their efforts to provide us with the best of watches. The Cartier Libre collection is no exception. This collection of beautifully designed women watches is certain to turn a few heads. Cartier describes this collection as being shrunk and stretched. The collection features five limited-edition timepieces.

The Cartier Libre watch collection & their features

1.Baignoire Debordante

The Baignoire Debordante is the first among the set of incredible watches featured in this collection. Designed in Cartier’s Paris studio, it is a masterpiece of watch. It features a ring of petals flawlessly assembled around it in an oval shape. The petals are filled with beautiful shining diamonds. The dial is has a shiny black background. This cartier watch has up to 50 numbered pieces.

2. Baignoire Infinie

This is a wonderfully artistic designed watch. At its centre sits a very tiny dial. The white gold colour that encompasses this watch in composed of several diamond layers, Tahitian mother-of-pearl and a circular pattern of black spinels surrounding the dial. It has up to 20 numbered pieces.

3. Baignoire Etoilee

This watch is basically a bracelet but still manages to keep the basic features of a watch. It is oval shaped and at the centre of the dial is a quartz movement. The bracelets’ black and white stones are suspended in a fashionable and fascinating manner. They give a perception of a melt from black to white. It has up to 12 numbered pieces.

4. Baignoire Interdite

At fourth comes the Baignoire Interdite. This watch is oval shaped, features a white-gold case and its bezel is equipped with diamonds. It has a white background dial that is almost fully covered with some black-coated Roman numbers. These coated numerals pass through the diamond bezel of the watch as well. This watch has up to 50 numbered pieces.

5. Crash Radieuse

The fifth and final watch is the Crash Radieuse. Now this one has a rather unusual design. The watch has what seems to be a distorted oval shape surrounded by a yellow gold case. It speaks the very definition of stretched watches that cartier wanted to bring us in this collection. The roman numbers on the dial are stretched as well. This shape, however, does not ruin its classy nature. The watch is controlled through a manual winding movement and is limited to 50 diamond pieces. 

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Cartier Watches: WB520034 Cartier Libre Baignoire Folle

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Cartier Watches: WJ304350 Cartier Libre Ronde Folle

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Cartier Watches: WJ306017 Cartier Libre Tank Folle

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