Crash Watches

The Cartier Crash Watches is an extraordinary collection of time pieces for those who aren't afraid of indifference. These phenomenal time pieces are particularly created for people who dare to stand out and maybe, break a few rules. The extraordinary shapes that these watches bear is edgy and definitely a worthy addition to your ordinary collection. After all, monotony is best broken in an elegant manner.

Distinctive Features

All the 67 pieces of the Crash watches Cartier feature a unique melting gold shape. What a way to break free from the usual circle, oval and square face shapes. The distinctive features of the original cartier watches are an instant source of attraction if standing out is what you want. If you are up for the challenge, you need to explore the cartier Crash Skeleton watch collection. This will enable you to stand out even more.

It is important to state that the materials used to make these watches are pure and authentic. The wide variety of finishes allows you the luxury of choosing between white gold, pink gold and yellow gold. The gold bracelet straps on the 9618mc limited edition are strong and secure hence break-proof. In addition to this, the gold case earns this limited series of watches an effortless sophisticated appeal. The roman numerical feature on the face of this watch further takes these modern timepieces a notch higher.

The persistence of memory further proves that this exclusive collection is indeed a worthy purchase. The jean jacques cartier comes highly recommended for the modern woman who isn't afraid to showcase her playful side. Truth be told, the original Crash watches collection is a definite must-have for the modern generation who's daring enough to introduce diversity to their everyday look. What's more? The Cartier Crash watch price is quite fair and affordable. This way, nothing stands between you and your taste for elegance and fashion.

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Cartier Watches: W7200001 Crash

List Price: $74,500.00
Our Price: $63,325.00

Cartier Watches: WHCH0006 Crash

List Price: $65,000.00
Our Price: $55,250.00

Cartier Watches: WL420047 Crash

List Price: $70,000.00
Our Price: $59,495.00

Cartier Watches: WL420051 Crash

List Price: $75,000.00
Our Price: $63,750.00