Delices de Cartier Watches

What really stands Delices de Cartier watches out is the distinctive shape of their dial. They all have a bending oval-shaped dial and that is one of their trademarks. The shape is unique but it is exquisitely elegant. Apart from the shape here are other features of the watches.

Case Color and Material

Their cases are usually made of rose gold, gold, or silver and the color and material extends to the strap. If the case of a particular wristwatch is made of gold and has a gold color, so will its strap be. That is another style of Delices de Cartier and the brand has been consistent with the style.

Silver Dial

Their dial is usually silver in color with black letterings. You will agree that black letterings on a silver background gives great contrast for clarity. So, it is quite easy to check the time even though every Delices de Cartier watch is more of an ornament worn on the wrist than a wristwatch. This is what really justifies the Delices de Cartier prices that range from $15,000 to $50,000.

Water Resistance

These wristwatches are water resistant up to 30 meters deep. While this is a mind-blowing feature for many other wrist watch brands, it is the standard for Delices de Cartier. They have quartz movement.

To prevent their face from breaking easily, their crystal is made of sapphire glass which does not break easily. Their case is 39 mm wide in diameter. Having outlined the tangible features of the watches, here are a few intangible features.


The brand is known for durability and that is expected. No one will throw away some thousands of dollars on a product whose lifespan is less than 5 years.

Visual appeal

It will be an understatement to say the watches are beautiful. They are amazingly gorgeous and they are suitable for all occasions. Since they are the Cartier for women, they have a feminine appearance.

Class distinction

Since Delices de Cartier is a premium brand, many of the people who purchase the watch do so to show their social and financial status. The watch is a product of class.


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