Ronde Louis Cartier Watches

Ronde Louis Cartier watches can be described with three words – elegance, style, and sophistication. Those words capture the features of the watches perfectly. Where do you want to start from? Is it the stylish hands or the mesmerizing rail track minute circle? Or the leather strap of the watch that is made of alligator skin? The features are just perfect.

The dial of the watch is surrounded with pink gold casing and it combines a white background with black Roman numeral hour markers. Black markers on white background gives nice contrast that makes it easy for users to check the time even in low light areas. Its winding crown is also made of the same material as the metal casing.

Its thick leather strap comes as either brown or black. You will agree that brown or black strap on pink gold casing is an attractive combination. Some models have white gold casing instead of the pink gold but they are equally exquisitely elegant.

Its 18K pink gold ardillon C buckle accentuates the beauty of the strap. The watches come in two major sizes of 36 mm and 40 mm. The wrist watches are several meters water-resistant. You can wear any of them to the swimming pool. They all also fit every occasion. Even though they look official, you can also wear them to the beach, to a get-together, and other non-formal occasions.

Ronde Louis Cartier prices range from $13,000 to about $60,000 and they offer good value for their cost. Quality is not cheap. If you want quality, you gotta to pay for it. Their casing is made of real gold and will likely remain like that for several years. Alligator skin is one of the toughest kinds of leather. So, the straps of the watches will likely remain in perfect condition for years too. In other words, Ronde Louis Cartier watches are very durable. As mentioned earlier, the watches are elegant, stylish, and sophisticated.

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