Rotonde de Cartier Watches

The Rotonde de Cartier watch collection is a 21-piece collection from luxury goods manufacturers Cartier. It consists of 20 wrist watches and the Mysterious Double Tourbillon Pocket Watch. Their prices range from $8,350 to $248,000, although the last nine editions are not priced upon application due to their limited numbers. The watches are a stunning assortment, showcasing the fine watchmaking Cartier has become known for and including their most advanced and refined movements such as the flying tourbillon, astrorégulateur, minute repeater, central chronograph and skeleton grande complication. Some of the collection – such as the Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon – has been branded under the label “technical creativity”, while others – including the Rotonde de Cartier Day and Night – have been labeled as “creative elegance” due to their explorations into a new realm of elegant and luxurious timepieces.

What are the Distinctive Features?

Each model in the collection varies vastly to the next, but each is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the designers. The watch faces range in diameter from 40mm to 48mm, excluding the pocket watch which has a diameter of 55mm. They come in an assortment of materials, such as steel, platinum, and 18-karat white or pink gold, and the hands are either apple- or sword-shaped blued or rhodiumized steel. Many of the watches have specific technical elements such as a retrograde second time-zone on the face itself, a power reserve meter or a day and night indicator. The straps of each model are made from either alligator leather or a platinum bracelet set with baguette-cut diamonds, and – depending on the model – the cases feature a beaded crown set with either a cabochon sapphire or a brilliant-cut diamond. The extravagance of the watches is increased with the addition of luxury materials and precious stones, such as the inclusion of lapis lazuli on the Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon model. This collection is a true ode to how far fine watchmaking has come, from both a creative and technical standpoint.

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Cartier Watches: W1556204 Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon

List Price: $142,000.00
Our Price: $120,695.00

Cartier Watches: W1556211 Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulateur

List Price: $280,000.00
Our Price: $237,995.00

Cartier Watches: W1556249 Rotonde de Cartier Astromysterieux

List Price: $171,000.00
Our Price: $145,350.00

Cartier Watches: WHRO0027 Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire

List Price: $159,000.00
Our Price: $135,150.00

Cartier Watches: W1556242 Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire

List Price: $186,000.00
Our Price: $158,095.00