Santos de Cartier Watches

Did you know? The first wrist watch was designed by the renown Louis Carter. He made them so that pilot Alberto Santos Dumont, who was a friend, could fly a plane without taking his hand off the controls. This was during the era when pocket watches were common.

The evolution of watches dates back to the 16th century when spring-driven clocks were first invented. This subsequently led to many more inventions like the pocket watches, balance springs, chronometers, Level escapements, wrist watch, quartz watch to the very common smart watches that we use today for more than one purpose.

Santos De Cartier Watches.

The Santos De Cartier Watches are a both exquisite, flashy and lovely. The brand of likewise luxury watch depicts a unique sense of fashion and completes your wardrobe in style. Its history is just as special as the watch itself. Being the first wrist watch to be created for men in 1904, it was initially designed by the famous watchmaker, Louis Cartier as a pilots watch. It gained a large fan base among watch lovers.

Some of the unique features of these watches are:

a.) Material finishes.

The Santos De Cartier Watches is presented in fine finishes of stainless steel, the commonly used material way back. Nevertheless, more sophisticated designs of the watch have been released based on the preference of many. The 1847MC watch is made of precious metals such as rose and yellow gold polishes that give these watches that extra appeal fans desire.

As if not enough, the Santos de Cartier watch comes in straps of different materials such as strong leather, stainless steel and pearl.

b.) Color.

The stainless steel finish that this watch possesses gives it the shiny lustre it displays. It also comes in yellow and Gold finishes with the straps being of different colors.

c.) Design.

The iconic watch square casing is the latest iteration of a perfect signature finish for this watch. The display presented in Roman numerals makes this watch unique and eye-catchy.

d.) Durability.

Cartier company has relentlessly worked in ensuring that the Santos De Cartier watch is robust and long lasting. That is confirmed by the use of the finest quality of steel in its design.


The first watch Cartier made has indeed made major breakthroughs in the watch-making industry. Santos de Cartier price starts at 3,500 USD. The watch lives and still remains to be one of the most iconic watches in history.


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