Santos Galbee Watches

Cartier’s Santos Galbee watch collection would definitely be one of the most unique collections available by the brand. The most unique and identifiable feature of this watch is its square shaped face. Although it may seem rather old-fashioned to own a watch with a square face, this old trend itself is one that would provide you with an extremely classy look for any outfit or event, be it formal or not.

Old but gold…

Just like many other Cartier collections, the Santos Galbee watches have roman numerals. This again is a comparatively old-fashioned design or trend that again adds on to the beauty of the Santos Galbee watches being some of the classiest looking watches out there.

Made for anyone and everyone…

The Santos Galbee watches are fully made of strong and lasting stainless-steel that is used for both its face as well as the bracelet. This design therefore makes this collection of watches suitable for both genders depending on its size, color or specific design. If you are a lady who loves a little shine, some of the Santos Galbee watches come with jewels embellished around its faces, and they might just be perfect for you.

The watch faces also come with sapphire glass which increases both the beauty and the long-lastingness of the watch. With watch sizes from 24mm to 31mm, it is definite you will be able to find a watch in this collection that is not only suited for the size of your wrist but also your personal style with the various color and designs that the watch comes in.

A classic piece…

One of the classiest looking pieces would be the yellow-gold and steel watch that comes with a bracelet as well as a watch face that is beautified with gold. The inclusion of gold in this piece not only adds on to the retro feel of the watch but also increases the value of the watch as a whole, and I’m not speaking of its monetary value alone.

Priced between a range of $5000 to $10000, Cartier Santos Galbee watches are definitely worth the buy whether you are a man or woman, given how they would beautify and add on so much more sophistication to your look as well as the great quality that it comes with. 

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Cartier Watches: W20098D6 Santos Galbee Extra Large

List Price: $6,350.00
Our Price: $5,395.00

Cartier Watches: W20011C4 Santos Galbee Large

List Price: $7,250.00
Our Price: $6,165.00

Cartier Watches: W20012C4 Santos Galbee Small

List Price: $6,750.00
Our Price: $5,740.00

Cartier Watches: W20056D6 Santos Galbee Small

List Price: $4,600.00
Our Price: $4,140.00