Tank Americaine Watches

Tank Americaine Watches collection showcases an array of elegantly designed dress watches for the sophisticated professional. These masterpieces feature exclusive details which collectively make these watches durable and outstanding.

The tank americaine price range is always friendly and fair to the modern day professional who speaks the language of elegance. A look at the tank americaine official catalogue will present you with an array of exquisite watches just for you.

Distinct Features

Leather Straps

If there is anything that sets these timepieces apart from any other out there then it has got to be the quality of material used. The leather used for the straps is 100% authentic hence guaranteed to serve you on a long term basis.

Authentic Metals

This paired up with the stainless steel back and a pure yellow gold and white gold case creates a timeless accessory. It is important to point out that this collection features an elongated case which houses the roman numerical. This combination speaks of elegance effortlessly. Enjoy how the build of these watches playfully dance with the geometry of the lines all around. They tactfully maintain the rectangular watch shape while entertaining round edges and angles.

Experience utmost elegance whenever you look down at the 45.1mm x 26.6mm gold faces of these tank Americaine dress watches. The precious metals used to create the cartier tank americaine collection assure you that you are indeed getting your money's worth.

Elegant Cases

Tank américaine watches with the 41.6mm x 22.6mm are an absolute favorite with the selected few who prefer to wear their elegance in a subtle way. Belonging to the louis cartier tank family gives you unlimited access to their benefits. Gift yourself a metallic and leather token of awesomeness as tank turns 100. The tank watch collection spares no thought when it comes to delivering utmost perfection to their loyal customers.


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