IWC Watches

The IWC or International Watch Company AG or also going by their business name of IWC Schaffhausen is a manufacturer of luxury Swiss watch that is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. And having been the only watch manufacturer that is located on the eastern part of Switzerland wherein the majority of world-renowned watch companies are located in the western part of the country. IWC, is a subsidiary of Richemont Group, was founded in 1868 by an American by the name of Florentine Ariosto Jones, who is an engineer and watchmaker by trade. IWC, as a watchmaking company, flourished over the years and gaining momentum from the brilliant minds that succeeded its founder in leading the company past the industrialization process and other constraints that have hindered the progress of the company. After undergoing many name changes over the years together with the succession of owners from the Rauschenbach family, IWC reacquired its’ original name in 1978 which was originally given by its founder F.A. Jones.

IWC underwent major changes in its operations and management system. The introduction of building pocket watches of high-quality while also operating a section of the factory that produces modern wristwatches saw the cooperation between IWC management and an external designer named Ferdinand A. Porsche which pioneered the production of first titanium bracelets which were developed and introduced in the year 1978.

IWC watches and their expensive price tags

The line-up of high-quality watches that are produced at IWC is the main testament of their creativity and innovative designs, engineered to utmost perfection for the satisfaction of watch collectors with a distinct taste. Diverse quality watches that are categorized for everyday use, to sports watches for the active ones professionally. Listed below are the innovative models of watches under the IWC banner:

The Pilot’s Watches
Da Vinci

These models are then joined by their other top-billing watches such as Grande Complication and the IWC Vintage Collection. These watches come at a very high price comparing to other luxury timepieces. The main reason for this is that all of these watches are guaranteed to be high-quality and high-class. All the detail that is included in the design of each watch is dedicated to a very specific purpose and eye-catching as well. Take for example the mechanism for the Big Pilot that features an in-house mechanical movement that comes with a Pellaton winding, invented by Albert Pellaton, it is the state-of-the-art invention that has powered this IWC watches for over 60 years. It is constantly improved, with its new 52000-caliber ceramic technology which makes these watches movement wear-free. This type of winding system will be able to store power reserves for a maximum time of almost 9 days.

IWC watches prices range from USD $10,000 and up with the likes of the Mark XI, depending on which authorized retailer you plan on buying them. But make no mistake about it, although these watches are very costly, it is sure to satisfy the needs of the collector’s performance. Like the Big Pilot, which is an excellent watch for pilots, its’ design was derived from the cockpit of an aircraft and its large well-crafted casing usually made from either stainless steel or 18-karat white gold protects the internal movement of the watch from magnetic fields present in the atmosphere that mainly affects the efficiency of work of a pilot.

Iwc prices for other timepieces are:

Portugieser at $16,600, the Portofino at $11,600 (average price, depending on the model the Portugieser), the Aquatimer at the range of $5,400 to $10,600, the Portugieser Yacht Club at an average of $12,000, the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar at $38,000, the Pilot’s Mark XVIII at $4,150, the Da Vinci Automatic at $6,400. Take note that IWC cost is a subject to change depending on the inflation rate and taxation policies of each country.

The advantages of wearing IWC watches

One of the major advantages of wearing IWC timepieces is that they pioneered in using the Titanium casing that secured and locked the position of dials and mechanisms in their proper places. The durability that comes with the titanium casing provides that elegant yet tough nature of IWC watches.
Last year proved to be another big one for IWC as they launched their online-configuration tool that lets watch aficionados customize their traditional watches according to their taste and style. Leaving the much-needed opinion to its customers but still giving that elegant and high-quality design, which IWC takes real proud of when launching a new line for their brand of watches.