Portuguese Watches

Production of IWC watches can be traced back to the end of the 1930s when two Portuguese merchants requested for a large wristwatch with the precision of a pocket watch. For this reason, they incorporate pocket watch movement calibers of 74 and 98.
The unique style and design of IWC Portuguese watches dates back to 1930s at the time being something distinctive. The imposing size, railway track style, chapter ring, simple Arabic numerals and slim feuille hands all date back to the period. Since then many IWC Portuguese watches designs have been produced, each watch is precisely produced uniquely to serve a taste. To date IWC Portuguese watches boast of distinctive features:

The railway track style chapter

This style was popular on pocket watches in the 1930s. the railway track style chapter ring is a reminder of railway tracks which features on the dials of Portuguese watches up to today. The scale, when used together with Arabic numerals, serves efficiently to the eyes. The scale is divided into one-minute divisions making it very easy to read the time; as guided by the slim feuille hands.
Some of the watches produced by the international company include

The Portuguese Chronograph

The timepiece features a stainless steel case, it is automatic and also self-winding
Its diameter is 40.9mm
It’s made in Schaffhausen Switzerland
As for price IWC Portuguese Chronograph costs about 6550 euros

Portuguese Automatic

This is a cool black classic watch
It features also a cool stainless steel case,
It is automatic and self-winding
It has a diameter of 42.3mm
It is made in Schaffhausen Switzerland
The cost of this IWC Portuguese watch is 10,650 Euros

IWC Portuguese Yacht club

This is a black classic men's watch
It is automatic and self-winding
Its’ diameter is 43.5mm
Iwc Portuguese prices for this model vary from $9750 to $21400

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