Panerai Watches

Panerai watches are one of the best luxury watches in the market. They are a mark of class and it’s quite rare to spot a person wearing them. If you are looking for entitlement and a way of easily carving the right class for yourself, these are the best watches to put you there. By just wearing one of the Panerai watches such as the Radiomir watch, you will make a statement among your peers and colleagues which will generate awe and total respect. These are the most suitable for those who love the class and have a good taste for style.

Panerai watches are manufactured by Officine Panerai, an Italian watch manufacturing company which specializes in luxury watches. The company sells the watches through two main methods. The first is through its outlets which are distributed throughout the world while the second method is through authorized dealers.

This luxury watch manufacturer was founded in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy. Headquartered in Switzerland, Officine Panerai gets its movements in-house and sources the rest from ETA S.A. There are several luxury watch models produced by this company with Radiomir and Luminor watches being the notable models. Other models which top the list include the Panerai Ferrari and Luminor Marina Automatic.

Why are These Watches Valued So High?

1. Exclusive Limited Annual Production (Limited Editions)

One of the reasons why these luxury watches are branded quite high is because they are produced in limited quantities annually. The company does so to protect this watch brand from losing its value. One way of maintaining such luxurious appeal among the watch enthusiasts is by producing just enough. Such limited productions also ensure that all the watches released are crafted with skill and the necessary engineering attention is given to each and every watch is manufactured.

2. Unrivaled Quality

There is one outstanding feature with Panerai watches. They are of exceptional quality. Rarely will you get a case of a Panerai watch which broke down within a year unless there was a gross mishandling of the watch by the user. Thus customers are assured of quality, longevity, and value for their money.

Getting such watches which combine class with quality is quite difficult. Officine Panerai has stayed on the forefront in preserving its customer loyalty and goes into deeper detail to ensure that their watches offer value to their customer, the movements are reliable, and can easily be adjusted in case of time lapses.

3. High Resale Value

Most watch brands sold by Officine Panerai such as Panerai Radiomir watches and the Luminor retain most of their value. Thus customers who buy these watches should not be afraid that they will drastically lose value. In fact, some of the watches retain almost 70% of their value for over 5 years. Such high resale value makes these watches to top the list of the sought-after classic watches by both watch enthusiasts and those who would like to purchase them, use them for some time, and then flip them for reasonable cash.

4. Is an Authentic Mark of Class

Panerai watch brands are difficult to find. Those who have them easily set an undisputable class for themselves and carve a niche, high above the common people. The feeling of accomplishment and the positive vibes surrounding such luxury watch makes each day you wear them a bliss. Such a positive feeling and a sense of accomplishment are what you need to navigate the challenging corporate world and still maintain your charisma and good cheer.

These watches are common among celebrities, C.E.Os and high-paced caliber of people. By wearing them, you will have authentically raised your social bar. If you love fashion, style, and an authentic leadership persona, these are the best watch brands for you.

5. Rich Heritage

Panerai watches have a rich heritage. Their history goes all the way to 1860 when the company was started by Giovanni Panerai as a simple watch shop. His grandson, Guido Panerai expanded the company further and saw it become the official supplier of watches to the Royal Italian Navy.

The watches were hand wound, water resistant, and able to withstand the rugged navy environment. In 1993, the company shifted its market focus to the civilians and the sheer demand of these watches which bear such a rich and beautiful heritage drove the demand quite high. As a result, the price of these luxury watches went high and has remained so for the past 2 decades.

Main Advantages of Panerai Watches

1. Durability-These watches are built to last.

2. Elegantly designed and have an impressive outer casing.

3. They are tested extensively to ensure that they deliver reliable performance.

4. Panerai watches are 100% authentic mark of class and luxury.