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Panerai pocket watch collection is something truly unique. Created by Officine Panerai, a manufacturer which has been the leading producer of the pocket watches at the beginning of 20th century, this collection is nothing short of excellent. The company is based in Neuchatel, a place with the arguably longest watchmaking tradition in the world. Panerai focuses on a slick, modern design while maintaining technical perfection which made them one of the top watch manufacturers. All Panerai watches are made with great care by some of the world's leading experts in the field of watchmaking. Working at the best possible conditions Panerai provides them with, they create a unique blend of Italian design and Swiss technology which turns out to be a perfect combination when it comes to making watches. Each of the Panerai watches has to pass rigorous quality tests and numerous controls. As of recently, the company has decided to invest in renewable sources of energy, meaning new office space is completely eco-friendly and sustainable.

The pocket watch collection's aim is to push the boundaries of traditional pocket watches, making them a truly interesting item to many. Cases of most models are made of a special sort of ceramics, which results in watches being extremely hard and durable. The color of the dial is either black or a darker shade of grey or some similar color. Case size is 59mm for most models. Panerai's engineers have been working hard to make the house movement flawless, which is the case with Panerai pocket watch collection. The mechanism of the watches also features exclusive Panerai tourbillon, something Panerai's team is very proud of. Although Panerai pocket watch price is something many are astonished by, the perfection that goes into the process of crafting each and every watch simply has to justify the price.

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Panerai Watches: PAM00447 Pocket Watch 3 Days

List Price: $61,600.00
Our Price: $54,210.00

Panerai Watches: PAM00529 Pocket Watch 3 Days

List Price: $65,300.00
Our Price: $57,465.00

Panerai Watches: PAM00446 Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT

List Price: $184,100.00
Our Price: $162,010.00