Aquanaut Watches

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches were introduced in the year 1997. The Nautilus range of watches inspired the design. When it was released, it was considered as iconic, young, unexpected and modern. As a sports watch, it had a Tropical strap that was manufactured of an innovative composite material that was resistant to salt water, UV radiation, and wear. It was controversial in the luxury watch market because it was unique and looked like no other luxury watch.

Distinctive Features of The Aquanaut Watch

The Aquanaut watch range appeals to the young crowd thus its innovation pace is breakneck. It sports features like travel time, date, and an automatic chronograph. It has a rounded octagonal case with a composite rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet. The watch is water resistant and it can go to the depths of 120 meters.
It has a black dial with numbers that are large and distinctive that makes it easy for a person to read the time. The watch face is available in white gold, rose gold, or stainless .steel

Various Models of The Aquanaut Watch

5060A Aquanaut was the first model. It had automatic movement, and its straps were black with a stainless steel face, Arabic dial markers, and a case which is 33mm diameter covered in sapphire crystal.

Aquanaut Luce is more popular with ladies. It most common colors are ocean blue, chocolate brown, black and white. The case is smaller with 3mm length. It is water resistant, and the bezels contain diamonds.

Aquanaut travel time has the unique feature of dual time mechanism. It can show frequent travelers of the time of where they are heading and at home. Watch wearers can view the technology of the caliber that powers it cause the case is made of sapphire crystal. Its diameter is larger than the other makes, and it can have a tropical bracelet.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut prices range from about $14500 to $170000 per timepiece.