Nautilus Watches

The Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe made the Nautilus watch range in the year 1976. It is one of the most sought after watches and very popular with watch enthusiasts. The Nautilus name was derived from the Jules Verne's novel. It is named after a submarine featured in the book. Gerald Genta the designer who created the Nautilus watch got the idea from a ship porthole shape. That why it is octagonal shaped.

The first model which is Reference 3700 had a distinctive design. The bezel is octagon shaped. It is steel made, and one of the most expensive sports watch. Its diameter was larger than most of the watches in the market. The model Reference 3700 was a water-resistant watch.

A ladies version was introduced in a smaller size. Its movement was quartz. The Nautilus later made a model which had a smooth dial and Roman numbers. A Gold version was then added to include the steel version.

The Reference 5711 was introduced in 2006. It was round shaped and 1 mm less diameter width than the original Nautilus. Its bracelet is made of steel and a black, blue dial. Patek Philippe Nautilus prices for the current model are about US$29,800. The older versions retail at about 50% more than the newer versions.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, it introduced the Reference 5711 version. Reference 5711 is steel. It has a platinum version and white gold with chronograph movement. The Reference 5712 is more sophisticated with a moon phase. It has a leather strap in white gold.

The Reference 5726 features include an annual calendar, moon phase, and Caliber. The Reference 5980 is the Nautilus with Chronograph movement. The Reference 5990 can display the stopwatch in both seconds and minutes. It shows a different a second-time-zone and a pointer date. It can display a day and night indicator for both local and home time.