Twenty-4 Watches

Patek Philippe Twenty 4 watches have come with a big bang. The brand is a force to reckon with in the horology industry. One distinctive feature of this collection of watches is their diamond hour markers that make the watches more of jewelry than a timepiece. Another distinctive feature of the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watches is that their hour markers are in either Arabic or Roman numerals. Here are the other features of the brand that you should know.


They usually have sunburst dials that come in different colors. It could be a blue dial, a white dial, a brown dial, or even a black dial. The dial shows hours, minutes, seconds, and date. This is why most of the models have a date window. Another reason the brand is popular is that some of its models are men’s watch while others are ladies’ watch. So, there is something for both genders.


Their cases are usually rose gold or stainless steel case with diamond bezel. However, the steel versions are not as expensive as the rose gold versions. Their kind of strap depends on their cases. The ones with a gold case have a rose gold bracelet while the ones with a stainless case have a stainless steel bracelet. To cover the case up is a sapphire crystal. The diameter of their cases range from 27mm to 36mm to 42mm and a few are even wider.


While most of them have quartz movement, a few of them have automatic movement with about 45 hours of power reserve. It is needless to remind you that whether it is quartz movement or automatic movement, the watches offer a high level of accuracy.

One last feature that must be mentioned is that they are all water resistant. Of course, you can’t spend more than 10,000 bucks on a watch and have it destroyed by water. Water resistance has become a standard for premium brand wrist watches. Patek Philippe Twenty 4 prices range from about $10,000 to $50,000 and they are all worthy of their different prices.

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Patek Philippe Watches: 4909/50G-001 Twenty-4 Small White Gold

List Price: $149,600.00
Our Price: $134,640.00