Date 34mm Watches

Rolex Date Watches is a collection of watches that come in a variety of designs specifically made to suit the buyer with distinct characteristics that are in Rolex Date Watches alone. Some of these specific and distinctive features include an oyster bracelet that gives a Rolex watch a distinctive shape from other watches, a fluted bezel that gives a Rolex Date Watch a smooth polished surface that allows proper light refraction for excellent visibility from different angles at the same time. Another distinctive feature is a cyclops-magnifying lens on the date window allowing the user to see the date easily.

Rolex Date Watch collection comprises of very classy watch designs that give any buyer the real value for their money. Some of these include; the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Datejust yellow gold, Rolex Lady Datejust yellow gold, Rolex Datejust white gold. Depending on the preference of the buyer, these watches can come with different properties to suit any buyers taste and design. For instance, all Rolex watches have specific codes that have distinct characteristics and features making every watch unique on its own. A Rolex Datejust 41 is different from a Rolex Datejust 36 the same goes to a Rolex Datejust 34 and 28. The beauty about Rolex watches is that you can get the metal type you want, the number of diamonds you want on the bracelet with whichever design you choose and the exact carats of gold you wish on a watch depending on your preference.

When it comes to pricing, every specific detail used to make a Rolex date watch can influence its pricing. Rolex watches have specific prices priced according to the design, make and the amount of gold/diamonds/steel, used to make a specific design of a Rolex watch. rolex date prices can be as low as 9,000 US dollars to as high up to 90,000 US dollars depending on the design, shape, and kind of a watch. However, with a wide watch collection of Rolex Date watches to choose from, it is easy to spot a classic design to suit your taste.

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