Day-Date II President Watches

Launched in 2008, the Rolex Day Date II is an iconic Oyster Perpetual timepiece. It is bigger and more robust than the original Day Date thanks to a 41 mm case. Due to this size difference, it commands more attention than its predecessor. The elegant lines, fine materials and precise craftsmanship were retained throughout the development of this new timepiece. It answered the call for men’s timepieces that are larger and more commanding in size. Seeing as the original Day Date was 36mm in size, the new Day Date was 5 mm larger and much more assertive. Here is more about it.

Distinctive features of the Rolex Day Date II

• Fluted bezel

The rolex day date ii watch has a fluted bezel. This feature keeps the sapphire crystal glass in place. It also protects the edges of the glass and adds an artistic, attractive look to the timepiece. The bezel is scratch resistant and is made of the same fine metals that are used to create the case.

• Sapphire crystal

The dial’s interior is protected by a special type of transparent cover. The sapphire crystal glass is affixed to the upper section of the case above the dial. It is scratch resistant. Hence, a few minor bumps will not create any scratches on this part of the timepiece. It also has a Cyclops lens right above the numeral date indicator in the dial. This is at the 3 hour mark. The Cyclops lens magnifies the numerals by a factor of 2.5. It is an iconic and immediately noticeable element of the Rolex Day Date II.

• The dial

In the new rolex president, the dial is a little different from its predecessor. Its black Roman numerals are placed on an angled, inward-slope. The dial has been machined to create concentric circles on the numerals section. This gives it more depth. Thankfully, the full day and date windows have been retained in all their glory. The inner section of the case has an engraved rehaut reading ROLEX, ROLEX. This was introduced in the 2000s to prevent the counterfeiting of this timepiece.

• Its movement

The rolex Day Date II timepiece runs on a Caliber 3156 mechanical movement. This is the COSC certified heart of the timepiece. Moreover, it has Paraflex shock absorbers combined with a Parachrom blue hairspring. These features increase resilience and magnetic resistivity respectively. This Rolex also has an Oyster case. This makes the timepiece fully waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters (330ft). Moreover, its internal section is further protected by a winding crown which utilizes a Twinlock screw-down mechanism.

The Rolex Day Date II is regarded as the epitome of timepiece elegance. It is a favorite of business leaders, presidents and other influential people. The Rolex Day Date II prices range between $27,650 and $30,680. Its dimensions set it a class above the rest. It is a real timepiece for the discerning gentleman!

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