Ulysse Nardin Watches

Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss watch company that began in Le Locle Switzerland in 1846. Since its conception, the company has won thousands of notations and awards for their marine chronometers with quartz movement. Once owned by Ulysse Nardin, the company is now under the ownership of the Kering Group.

Ulysse Nardin learned the art of timekeeping at a young age from his father. He then studied watchmaking under renowned master watchmakers Frederic William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel before starting his own Swiss watch company when he was just 23 years old. He specialized in highly accurate marine chronometer watches that were used by many navies and shipping companies throughout the world. Mr. Nardin passed away in 1876 at the age of 53, leaving his business to his son.

What Makes Ulysse Nardin Watches So Valuable?

There are many traits of the Ulysse Nardin watch that make it valuable, including the chronometers, the design, the innovative techniques used to make them and of course the availability of some of the limited edition watches.


The marine chronometers used in UN watches are made with a stainless steel case that can withstand the elements while still presenting with style. The precise chronometer movement is ideal for perfect exact timekeeping, essential when on the water.


Each UN watch is essentially a piece of art. Every detail is examined, from the band to the face and the casing. You may think a rubber strap on a water-resistant watch would look athletic or clunky, but the UN watches still present with a classic design while being functional.


Ulysse Nardin watches have displayed a keen interest in innovation since they were developed. Mr. Nardin studied timekeeping for years and ensured that his watches were in the highest regard for accuracy. In more recent years, the design of the Freak series continued the innovative creations by using the material silicium for the first time in watches. It is a compound unique to UN, making them leaders once again. The Trilogy of Time watch, which uniquely displays the local time, the solar time and the orbits of the sun and moon. This watch even shows times for sun and moon eclipses and some positions of the stars. It was named the most functional watch by the 1989 Guinness Book of World Records.


There are many UNLimited Edition watches on the market, each with its own unique qualities. Here are just a few notable creations:

• Diver Chronometer Great White: This is a limited-edition marine diver that gets the deep water strength from the domed sapphire crystal glass. The stylish function with water resistance, elegant titanium, and rubber strap make this watch ideal for divers with style.

• Freak Diavolo Black Dial: This men’s watch sells for over $100K. It has a 7 day /168-hour power reserve, scratch proof crystal case and alligator leather strap.

• 160th Anniversary Blue Dial: A gorgeous 18K White Gold watch with executive dial time and deployment clasp.

• Macho Palladium Silver Dial: This silver dial men’s watch has luminous hands and a deployment clasp on the leather band.

• Skeleton Tourbillon Manufacture: Designed in 18K Rose Gold, this beautiful watch comes with an alligator leather band and roman numerals.

• Hammerhead Shark Automatic Blue Dial: A stainless steel casing, blue luminous hands, power reserve, and blue rubber strap bring this piece together.

The Ulysse Nardin Advantage

The extreme care that goes into the creation of each UN watch is not the only advantage of purchasing one of the luxury watches. They are presented to each new owner in distinguished wooden boxes. The Marine collection continues to demonstrate the original precision that went into the first Ulysse Nardin watches, and the style is impeccable. They are also awards winning watches.


Ulysse Nardin watches have received over 4000 awards and recognitions since their inception, including multiple gold medals for marine chronometer watches.


Owners of new Ulysse Nardin watches have the option to register their watches and become members of the Anchor Club. This exclusive membership extends the two-year warranty by an additional three years. Ulysse Nardin watches vary in price from just a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the year and style. Whichever style you own, you will belong to the exclusive group of UN followers who appreciate these timepieces for their accuracy, beauty, and style.