Vacheron Constantin Watches

For more than 250 years, Vacheron Constantin has created unique, accurate and beautiful timepieces. The company was founded by Jean Marc Vacheron and its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, the company has broken records and created a reputation as one of the most respected watches and clockmakers in the world. World leaders, entertainers, and celebrities have worn Vacheron Constantin timepieces. Examples of these are Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elizabeth II, and Harry S. Truman among others. As a matter of fact, one of the most expensive watches ever sold at auction is the Vacheron Constantin pocket watch Ref 57260. It sold for $2.77 million in 2005. Here is more about this iconic Haute Horlogerie brand.

Why are this brand watches valued so high?

• Brand value

A Vacheron Constantin watch signifies your entry into an exclusive club of a wealthy elite. The company is the oldest continuous producer of timepieces in the world. They have sold watches to the great men and women of history. The maltese cross is their emblem. This has created immense brand value for the Vacheron Constantin. When you purchase a timepiece from them, you join this elite group of customers. You are immediately transformed from one of the masses to one of the Who’s Who around the globe!

• Complications

The capabilities of a timepiece are known as complications. Vacheron Constantin leads the pack in terms of complications offered. The company was already making complicated timepieces by 1770. The most complicated timepiece ever made was created by Vacheron Constantin. It had 57 complications and 18 hands on its face. By creating this timepiece, Vacheron cemented its position as one of the most capable watchmakers today. Their watches also have a power reserve of more than 36 hours.

• Beauty

To the watchmakers at Vacheron Constantin, beauty is a major part of every timepiece. The cases and bezels of their timepieces are masterfully engraved with designs celebrating culture, ideals, and societal attitudes. For example, the timepieces made during the 1920s had visible Art Deco style in their engravings. By etching animals, hot air balloons, landscapes, victories, and portraits on their timepieces, Vacheron Constantin could celebrate the icons of history in ways that last forever.

• Price diversity

There is a Vacheron Constantin for literally every price point. Some of their timepieces cost as low as $20,000 while others cost millions. This characteristic sets the brand apart from other luxury watchmakers. They are able to encompass everyone who desires a timepiece that will work forever and command respect. Their 18th-century timepieces also hold value well. A vintage Vacheron Constantin is still more valuable than many new, luxury timepieces today. Vacheron Constantin watches prices range from 16,100 and above.

The main advantages of Vacheron Constantin Watches

There are many advantages of buying a Vacheron Constantin watch over any other timepiece. They are:

• Guaranteed build quality

Every Vacheron Constantin timepiece is assembled by hand. Each timepiece also has more than 500 different, working parts. Some iconic pieces have up to 2,000. Each part is inserted with precision using special tools and handiwork. As such, you are sure that the timepiece will be accurate and have impeccable build quality. Seeing as the timepieces are made by hand, this adds to the intrinsic value of each one.

• Precious metals and gemstones

Vacheron Constantin has stayed dedicated to using the best materials when creating their timepieces ever since its inception. The company uses precious metals such as gold, platinum, and high-grade stainless steel to create cases for their timepieces. They also implement gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds in their timepieces. As such, a bejeweled Vacheron Constantin is more of an ornament than a timepiece. This makes it highly valuable and capable of accessorizing an outfit.

• Value

The combination of brand history, build quality and complications makes every Vacheron Constantin timepiece a valuable item to have. Many of their watches cost thousands of dollars. Unlike most other timepieces, each Vacheron Constantin increases in value over time. Vintage models are sold at auction today for much more than they were worth. This makes it a valid investment for the horology enthusiast.

One of the brands in the holy trinity of modern horology is Vacheron Constantin. This Swiss watchmaker has more than two centuries of experience in creating world-class timepieces. If you’re searching for a unique timepiece that will hold its value for decades, Vacheron Constantin is the way to go!