Patrimony Watches

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The history of how the word 'watch' in itself came to mean a personal instrument for timekeeping has never been clearly ascertained. However, The hypothesis dates back to the old English roots, specifically England. Town watchmen, who were charged with public safety tasks would use crude watches to keep their shifts on the check. A watchman was called a "woecce" hence the origin of the name 'watch' in timekeeping sense.

Panache and flamboyancy in a watch are aspects that are usually mostly taken into account in watches in this current generation. Nevertheless, incorporation of simplicity in today watches has proven to be an uphill task for many watch developers. This is because it is difficult to come up with something sophisticated yet effortlessly made. The Vacheron Constantin patrimony watches present a vintage flair in their design yet have still managed to incorporate modern day features.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony watches

It is said that the Vacheron Constantin patrimony watches answers all your questions about Swiss watchmaking. One reason as to why the Vacheron Constantin timepieces are highly valued today is because they were originally designed in 1755. This has made them adopt traditional techniques in making very many designs of their watches.

Patrimony is a legal concept whereby an inheritance comes from one's father. Applying the techniques and principles valued by the previous generations of watchmakers into today's watches, in Switzerland is exactly what the Swiss watch industry has been doing. This is an effort to maintain the authenticity of these watches. The Vacheron Constantin patrimony watches are among the leading designs of Swiss.

Some of the unique features of these watches are:

1.) Simplicity

The key features in this model of a masterpiece are the simplicity that has been adopted in its design. Inspired by the 1950 Vacheron Constantin model, the watch has a deep traditional flair in the way it is designed. You can tell just by looking at it.

Moreover, the hours and minutes markings in the watch are of an ancient design that lack numbering except for some modern designs. In fact, some even display the date, day and present month.

2.) Material finishes and Casing

The Vacheron Constantin patrimony watches are presented in a fine casing of different colors, majorly gold, pink gold, silver, and aluminum. In addition to that, the watches come in straps of pure animal skin tough leather and recent incorporation of gold and aluminum straps.

3.) Water resistance

As if not enough, the Vacheron Constantin patrimony watches are waterproof. They offer water resistance depth of at least 30 meters hence can be used for swimming, diving, and other water-related sports.

4.) Self-winding

A self-winding watch is a mechanical watch in which the natural motion of the wearer provides energy to run it. Inside the Patrimony Traditionnelle Self-Winding is a Vacheron Constantin produced caliber 1120 automatic mechanical movement.

5.) Durability

It is difficult to talk about a watch of traditional and original design without mentioning the robust features they portray. The incorporation of quality material aspects to the watch and the use of pure leather and tough aluminum make these watches automatically last long.

These watches have a price range of 8800 USD to 40000 USD depending on the type.

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