Patrimony Classique Watches

Early watches had to be opened up regularly for winding and maintenance by the watch wearer. Thus, watch designers paid just as much attention to the design and aesthetic of the watch’s inner workings as they did to the watch’s outer appearance. Some examples of this kind of “internal decoration” included engravings of stars, roses, and tulips which could be seen only when the watch was opened and its interior revealed. Vacheron Constantin Classique watches are a unique brand of watches that set foot in the world in early 1755. Since then, there have been constant production of watches of these design, some incorporating design from the parent watch and some deviating yet still having a similar concept.

The Vacheron Constantin Classique watch is a unique brand of men's watch that portrays classiness, elegance, and finesse. How do you know a watch is fit for your style? Simple, if it matches your dress code and the occasion. The Vacheron Classique watches offer a traditional cam modern concept that enables it to integrate with almost every attire. This is just a tip of the iceberg to the many features that these brand of watch brings to the table.

Some of the unique features of these watches are:

Material finishes and Color

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Classique watches come in different dash finishes and materials. The classic fashion watches come in a stainless steel casing, platinum and aluminum casing of white-gold. pink-gold, yellow-gold and silver colors. Depending on the type of watch bought, they are mostly made of approximately 98 components with 20 jewels embedded in them.

The Sapphire-Crystal glass incorporated in these watches makes them resistant to scratch and crazes. The expensive tools that use diamonds to cut the sapphire, as well as the craftsmanship involved, deems this brand a luxury watch.

Their interior comprises of hours and minutes bars, markings and numbering with the date, day and year embedded into some of them.

As if not enough, the Santos de Cartier watch comes in straps of different materials such as strong leather, stainless steel, alligator Mississippiensis, and pearl. These come in different colors such as dark, brown, silver, pink, red, dark blue and black colors. Most Vacheron Constantin Classique watches have an Ardillon type buckle.


The iconic watch's round shape casing is a perfect signature finish for this watch. The display presented in gold and silver bars adds a natural appeal to it thus making it look fabulous and attractive.


These watches offer water-resistance of up to 30 meters deeps hence can be worn during leisure activities.


The Vacheron Constantin Classique watch is an automatic watch that uses natural motion of the watch wearer to run the watch, hence making manual winding unnecessary.


Swiss has never failed when it comes to the durability and strength of watches. The Vacheron Classiques are no exception when it comes to this. Presented in a high-quality stainless steel and platinum casing that cushions a likewise tough sapphire crystal glass, these timepieces are built to last.


There is a variety of Vacheron Constantin Classique watches including the Patrimony, Longines la grande, Retrograde, World Time, Grand Tile, contemporary and chronograph just to mention but a few. All of them are presented in different designs and material finishes.

Power Reserve

Most Vacheron Constantin Classique watches have a power reserve of 40h and an 1120 automatic caliber.


Ranges from 8800 USD to 100000 USD with some exceeding the latter.